Short course


This 2-day course aims to help you understand what the role encompasses and how in general to go about producing a feature film - from finding a script and potential funders, to managing a production through to final delivery and release.

The course will include:-

  • Structure of the film industry including information on all crew roles and facilities required
  • General film finance including where a film gets financed and how a film
  • Refunds its investors using Sales Agents, Distributors and exhibitors and collection agents.
  • The important areas of the role of the Line Producer
  • Producer responsibilities both fiscal, financial and personnel
  • Overview of Final Draft software for scripts
  • Overview of Movie Magic Scheduling
  • Overview of Movie Magic Budgeting
  • How and who to cost report to
  • Film production insurance both general and E&O.
  • An introduction to finance plans and understanding “HARD” and “SOFT” Money
  • Brief outline to the more usual film industry financing routes
  • Introduction to various Unions and applying contracting including SAG; DGA; Equity; BECT and PACT
  • Information on current fringes including NHI; pension and training levies.
  • A completion bond, what is it and who is it for and how we get one
  • Casting and working with Casting Directors and agents and use of CAN’s
  • Dealing with some of the main hurdles pf producing including shortage of finance for development and pre production
  • Going through pre-production and understanding the process and same for production and post production.

This is an informal but structured based course, which includes exercises designed to improve skills and increase confidence 

Freelance Rate: £350

Corporate Rate: £675

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