Production Co-ordinators

Short course


So, what is a Film & TV Drama Production Co-ordinator?  What does one do, how, why, when?


Designed to further career prospects for suitably experienced production personnel the course is designed to further their knowledge of scripted production and improve their employment prospects, this course will cover - amongst other things:


  • What is a Coordinator
  • Overview of scheduling and budgeting
  • Film crew and dep
  • Standard platforms for planners and diaries
  • Shipping
  • Rushes
  • Working overseas
  • Insurance
  • Clearances
  • Contracts
  • Wrap reports & Progress reports
  • Overview of Post Production

This is an informal but structured based course, which includes exercises designed to improve skills and increase confidence 

Tutored by Carolina Grisorio who graduated from Goldsmiths University (BA Drama and Theatre Arts) in London, before commencing her career as a freelance PA. She quickly excelled in the industry from making tea’s and coffee to set up and coordinate high-end film and TV international units such as well-acclaimed motion pictures: Avengers Infinity War Part 1 & 2Kingsman: Golden Circle, George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky and most recently Apple TV’s Foundation from award-winning novelist Isaac Asimov. Her versatility and experience in other departments are the backbones of her professional growth. Unconventional problem solver, tenacious & strategic by nature; connecting with people is second nature to her, when she’s not working on motion pictures she collaborates with independent filmmakers, producing brand content and short films that respect nature and focuses on creating greener productions.

“Success comes from investigating alternative ways of filmmaking that consciously focuses on more green sustainable production” - CG.

Freelance Rate: £450

Corporate Rate: £925



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