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The Team Lounge is an online team-building workshop like no other.  A highly interactive, distinctly fun, yet meaningful 2-hour session dedicated to team members getting to know each other, discovering each other’s strengths, curiosities, mutual interests. It is also an opportunity to share concerns, listen and offer support around our unprecedented present, and uncertain future. 

The workshop includes guided activities such as authentic relating games, 3min brainstorming matches, fun breakout room activities and more. It is a great (and tested) format for people to get to know each other, bond, and discover opportunities for future collaborations. 

There is a very important added benefit with The Team Lounge, potentially. After the first one or two guided workshops, the participants would be invited to take over the platform and run it themselves, at regular intervals (fortnightly, monthly) as a gathering place for future encounters. If successful, it could become a regular feature, perhaps even continue on in physical space when this becomes feasible.

The workshop is hosted by Sasha Damjanovski an award-winning producer, director and writer with over 25 years of experience in film and TV, and in business communications. He is an associate lecturer at Central St Martins (UAL), and works with educational institutions and individual and corporate clients across different industry sectors as a consultant and coach.

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