Character Design and Development - The 10 Steps

4 days 10.00am to 5.30pm Full-time

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Character Design and Development - The 10 Steps

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The 10 Steps is a highly efficient, comprehensive system for designing and developing uniquely authentic characters. 

Whether you come from a directing, writing, animation, VFX / DFX, games design, mocap or acting background, this course will be of great benefit to you.

You will be taken on a deep-dive journey of investigation, during which you will learn precisely how to structure and create the life (past, present and future) of any character and the world they live in.

Most importantly, you will learn how to use a Mind Print, a uniquely designed framework of thinking that houses the blueprint of a character’s conscious and subconscious patterns of thinking.

A mind print is the inner bedrock of a character, and acts as a yardstick for any decisions that need to be made along the way, including the way a character thinks, their behaviour, appearance, physicality, likes and dislikes, emotional health, physical health, relationships, energy-levels, physical and mental actions, purpose, and ultimately their destiny.

It also becomes a wonderful point of reference for those designing a character in collaboration with a team, where a shared vision is an essential aspect to the work.


Course tutor Teresa Grimsditch is a qualified Acting Coach and Trainer (MA) with over 10 years of accredited training - specialising in character design and imagination training for actors working in technical environments, such as green screen and mocap.

Teresa works with professional actors and has taught at many of the UK’s leading training establishments, including RADA, Royal Central, Bristol Old Vic, London Film School, the Actor’s Centre and the NFTS.

Elements of this course have been taught by Teresa at the NFTS, for the DFX post grads and Games Designers. Whilst there are some practical aspects to this course, you will not be expected to perform.

However, if you are an actor, you will be invited to deliver a short monologue as an extension of the training.