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Did you teach yourself Premier Pro?

Did your best with Avid, but still feel that you are missing out on the craft of editing?

This consistently sell-out course is for those who came to editing from a non-traditional route and are keen to learn the craft of editing.

Taking a number of examples from both drama and documentary, this course will introduce you to the concepts of editing from grammar to storytelling, so that you'll come to see editing as a key to the entire process of filmmaking, not just as what happens in the final stage.

Course Aims & Objectives:
To introduce participants to the craft of editing from its widest perspectives
To gain an understanding of narrative, story arc and story telling techniques
To gain practical knowledge of editing in various genres through practical exercises

Through a series of editing exercises, viewings and discussions this course will introduce you to the concepts of:
Narrative storytelling
Film grammar
Use of music
Building mood in a sequence

NOTE: For this course you should be operationally competent on Avid or Premier Pro

Freelance Rate: £795

Corporate Rate: £1550

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This course is currently listed under ScreenSkills Training Bursary Fund, which we would encourage all those eligible to apply to:

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