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Are you looking to make a great Television episode/ Feature Film or short film? 

Do you want to maximise your budget, create impactful visual style, moving performances and communicate brilliantly with your cast and crew? 

So much of this is down to preparation.  And often- especially in television- your time will be limited and pre-organised according to the series’ pre-existing schedule; you will have HOD’s that you haven’t worked with before or may not have chosen; you will be expected to provide certain materials without producers’ having to ask.  Further different series will have widely differing interpretations of what is required. 

This course covers all aspects of a director’s prep in film and television and is suitable for directors moving from short film into TV/Feature film, moving from commercials/documentaries into drama or those who want to maximise time and budget to create impactful shorts.

This course combines lecturing and group discussion, delivered online over 8 weeks, on a Wednesday evening (18:45-20:45)


Course Tutor, Laura Smith is an award-winning film and television director.   She is currently developing feature films as a director and writer/director with the British Film Institute and Lunar Lander Films among others.  ​

She has directed over thirty episodes of award-wining television drama including BBC prime-time hospital drama Casualty, teen drama The Cut, BBC sci-fi action adventure series The Sparticle Mystery and Channel 4’s multi BAFTA winning Hollyoaks