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Today, music is everywhere. This includes film and television. As an editor, finding ways to use music to support and create exactly the narrative you want can be tricky – especially when you may be struggling to find ways to describe and clarify more precisely what type of music you want, and what it is you want the music to bring to your project. So many options, so little time! Knowing how and why music changes the emotional and intellectual perception of any given story or narrative, and how to find just the right score and the right “musical package” for your project is essential to how your story is perceived, and directly affects how your audience will respond! In today’s fast paced media landscape, the editor often has to decide between either diving into the instantly available library music with its millions of tracks in all genres, with confusion and the loss of orientation as a significant risk, or ordering bespoke music from a composer – with all the pitfalls a cooperation with a real human being entails.


This course aims to give you, the editor, a greater knowledge of what exactly it is that music provides to the story you want to create, and how. A better understanding of the powerful tool that is film and TV scoring can be just what you need to bring more clarity and perspective to your projects. Most importantly, music is the main tool for you to establish your viewers’ emotional connection to the scenes you create. This course aims to improve or maybe even change your existing approach.


By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how music for film and television is created, how to talk about music, what the score does to your timeline, what is needed for a better communication between you and your composer or music library / publisher, and how music inevitably fictionalises and provides an immediate emotional response to your scenes. We will talk about genres, instrumentation, tempo changes and how the use of music alters the dynamic of your edit. You will learn how to better use music to emphasise or tighten your dramatic curve, as well as making your individual scenes come alive. You will know the basic terms and tools of the trade, and you will find new inspiration in some of the greatest masters of the craft. Whether you work in fiction, factual television, documentaries, kids programming or web-series, this course aims to bring more consistency, clarity and congruence to your work through the use of music. Not just any random music from the shelve, but the right music. This course requires absolutely no previous knowledge of music theory, all that is required is passion and curiosity. If you happen to love music, that is a big plus of course.

The course is led by Mathias Nielsen, who is an acclaimed Danish composer. For more than 20 years he has been writing and producing music for film and television at DR Danish Broadcast Corporation, as well as numerous ballets and music for plays performed at the Royal Danish Operahouse and venues all over Europe.

Freelance Rate: £365

Corporate Rate: £700

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