Sculpting In Time (Without A Camera): A 16mm Cameraless Film Workshop

Short course


This workshop will show you how to explore 16mm film to create experimental, animated films and soundtracks without a camera.


Artists James Holcombe and Rob Szeliga will deliver this workshop building on their experiences of working with 16mm film. The workshop will be contextualised by screening examples of work made by artists, filmmakers and animators who have created films and soundtracks without a camera.


Participants will learn the basic principles of making moving images by hand. Using black and clear 16mm leader, you will create short individual film loops and explore a range of techniques for creating different visual effects. We will also introduce the basic principles of optical sound and how visual information can be used to create sound.


Finished films will be projected as loops, then telecined at 2k quality and made available to participants post the workshop.


We will cover:

  • Basic principles of moving image technology
  • Experiment with different materials in creating short film loops
  • Introduction to experimental optical sound
  • Creative 16mm projection (looping)


Note: For anyone wishing to explore optical sound further, a second half-day workshop using the Auricon sound-on-film camera is taking place on the 14th May and is limited to just four participants.

Freelance Rate: £295

Corporate Rate: £575

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