Script Development Workshop

Short course


This three-day practical workshop is aimed at writers who want to further hone and develop their screenwriting skills.

Course topics and discussion include:

  • Writing for your life
  • The premise and the concept
  • Developing characters
  • Structure and Dialogue
  • Pitching your story effectively
  • The verdict!

Those who want to apply for the course should submit along with their application, a project which has been developed to step outline or treatment stage and be willing to have their projects discussed in an open forum

This can be emailed direct to

Successful applicants should be prepared to work long hours over this period in order to gain the maximum amount they can from the course, and will be expected to write in the evening.

This is a practical course in which we help develop an idea that you have for a script.  Therefore, please bring along your idea(s), no matter how crazy they are!

Freelance Rate: £425

Corporate Rate: £800

How to apply

Application deadline:

If you experience any problems making your application please contact us 01494 677 903

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