NFTS Short Courses

The high standards and innovation set by the National Film and Television School continues at NFTS Short Courses.

Here industry professionals can further their careers through training courses taught by experienced tutors working in film and television. We have a huge range of technical and creative courses, in everything from 16/35mm Camera to Running Your Own Production Company.

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Course Location Dates
Craft Editing Beaconsfield 22 Feb 2021 to 26 Feb 2021
Directing The Short Film Beaconsfield 22 Feb 2021 to 24 Feb 2021
Visually Expressive Directing Beaconsfield 25 Feb 2021 to 26 Feb 2021
Sports Replays: Editorial & Storytelling Beaconsfield 9 Mar 2021 to 12 Mar 2021
Supervising Art Directors Beaconsfield 11 Mar 2021 to 12 Mar 2021
Live Sports Production with Live TV Simulator Beaconsfield 15 Mar 2021 to 19 Mar 2021
Rosemary and Time: An ecological 16mm film workshop using Bolex cameras Beaconsfield 19 Mar 2021 to 20 Mar 2021
Introduction to Production Accounting Beaconsfield 22 Mar 2021 to 23 Mar 2021
Introduction to Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro Beaconsfield 24 Mar 2021 to 26 Mar 2021
Introduction to Editing on Avid Media Composer Beaconsfield 29 Mar 2021 to 31 Mar 2021
Writing The TV Pilot Beaconsfield 12 Apr 2021 to 23 Apr 2021
How To Develop Killer Ideas Beaconsfield 15 Apr 2021 to 16 Apr 2021
Getting A Commission Beaconsfield 19 Apr 2021 to 20 Apr 2021
An Introduction to Short Filmmaking Beaconsfield 22 Apr 2021 to 23 Apr 2021
Audio Drama - From Pitch To Script Beaconsfield 4 May 2021 to 13 May 2021
Composing for Film, TV & Games Beaconsfield 10 May 2021 to 12 May 2021
Comedy Sketch-Writing for Radio & TV Beaconsfield 17 May 2021 to 19 May 2021
Art of Adaptation Beaconsfield 17 May 2021 to 28 May 2021
Sitcom Writing for TV and Radio Beaconsfield 21 Jun 2021 to 25 Jun 2021
NFTS Leeds: Script Reading and Reporting - ONLINE Leeds Book Now
Script Development Workshop Beaconsfield Coming Soon
Observational Filming Beaconsfield Coming Soon
BiteSized@NFTS: Actors’ Tools for Screen Naturalism Online Coming Soon
Casting The Actors Beaconsfield Coming Soon
Directors' Series Beaconsfield Coming Soon
Introduction to Self-Shooting Leeds Coming Soon
Head of Production:- ONLINE Beaconsfield Coming Soon
Introduction to Sound Supervision Beaconsfield Coming Soon
BiteSized@NFTS: Documentary Commissions Online Coming Soon
BiteSized@NFTS: Character Development Online Coming Soon
Interviewing for Documentary Beaconsfield Coming Soon
BiteSized@NFTS: Novel Adaptation Online Coming Soon
Interviewing Techniques Online Coming Soon
BiteSized@NFTS: Script Analysis Online Coming Soon
BiteSized@NFTS: Factual Storytelling Online Coming Soon
Introduction to Sound Design for Narrative Filmmaking Beaconsfield Coming Soon
First Time Factual Producing Beaconsfield Coming Soon
BiteSized@NFTS: Producing Your TV Programme Online Coming Soon
Intimacy Co-ordination Introductory Workshop Online Coming Soon
BiteSized@NFTS: Killer Ideas Online Coming Soon