Our credits tell the story.


Our graduates enter the industry at a higher level than most of those taking a generalist filmmaking MA. Our two-year MA, validated by the Royal College of Art, equips our graduates with the high level specialist skills which will enable them to be successful in the creative industries.

The individual MA course specialisations are based on learning and applying the crafts and skills of the medium. Engagement with students on other NFTS courses is emphasised so that students develop a sound understanding of how their specialist role fits into the production process. Practical work is integrated with screenings and discussions that place learning in its craft and creative context. The Screen Arts programme - a systematic survey of screen history, culture and aesthetics delivered through seminars and screenings - is an integral part of the MA course. Students also undertake a dissertation or research project. While most students choose a topic related to their specialisation, subjects that attempt to draw connections with the filmmaking process as a whole are also encouraged.’