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Short Courses

The high standards and innovation set by the NFTS continues at ShortCourses@NFTS.

Here industry professionals can further their careers through training courses taught by experienced tutors working in film and television. We have a huge range of technical and creative courses, in everything from 16/35mm Camera to Running Your Own Production Company.

This week’s pick: Craft Editing taught using Avid or Premier Pro - NOT a Steenbeck! will introduce you to the concepts of editing from grammar to storytelling, so that you'll come to see editing as a key to the entire process of filmmaking


**NEW** Casting The Actors
31 May to 02 Jun
Craft Editing
05 Jun to 09 Jun
Introduction to Production Accounting
07 Jun to 09 Jun
Documentary Production Management
12 Jun to 16 Jun
Drama Production Management
19 Jun to 23 Jun
Directing The Documentary
26 Jun to 30 Jun
Directing The Short Film
03 Jul to 04 Jul
Directors' Series
17 Jul to 11 Aug
Scriptwriting for Film & Television
30 Aug to 06 Sep
Introduction to Editing on Avid Media Composer
06 Sep to 08 Sep
Introduction to Self Shooting
07 Sep to 08 Sep
**NEW COURSE** Zero To Rock N Roll - Multicamera Music Directing
11 Sep to 15 Sep
Observational Filming
11 Sep to 15 Sep
**NEW** LSM – XT Basic Operational Training
18 Sep to 19 Sep
**NEW** Live Sports Production with Live TV Simulator
18 Sep to 22 Sep
Shooting Documentary Interviews
20 Sep to 22 Sep
**NEW** Sports Commentary
25 Sep to 29 Sep
Scheduling on Movie Magic 25 Sep
Budgeting on Movie Magic 26 Sep
Running Your Own FILM Production Company
28 Sep to 29 Sep
16mm/35mm Camera Familiarisation
02 Oct to 06 Oct
An Introduction to Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro
04 Oct to 06 Oct
Location Sound Recording
09 Oct to 13 Oct
Running Your Own TV Production Company
19 Oct to 20 Oct
Directing the Microbudget Feature Film
23 Oct to 25 Oct
Directing The Comedy
26 Oct to 27 Oct
**NEW** Composing for Film, TV & Games
01 Nov to 03 Nov
**NEW** From Stage to Screen An Introduction to Directing Film
06 Nov to 17 Nov
**NEW COURSE** Acting for the Screen
20 Nov to 27 Nov
The Documentary Surgery 31 Dec
The Script Squad 31 Dec

Summer Courses